Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Mask for Kids

Here is some fun activity to do with your kids.
One fine day, we were going around some place, when kiddo asked for face mask from a small street shop. Looking at them I got an idea to try it at home. 

I took some simple images of animal faces from google and created these cute little masks...

1. Hand draw the pattern on a sheet of card stock/drawing sheet.
2. Cut out the holes for eyes (for looking) and wing design of butterfly.
3. Stick some other color papers, glitters, rhinestones to add the zing.
4. Create butterfly's antenna/cat's moustaches by pipe cleaners.
5. punch two holes at either sides, tie a ribbon or elastic to fasten the mask.  

Base design for butterfly mask

Finished Butterfly Mask

Cat Mask

Note: I used drawing sheets, for more robust masks felt sheets can be used.