Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Card - Potato stamps !!

Well these cards are very very special for me.
Reason: This is the first project me and my little champ have done together :-)

So here it goes, this a simple kids craft, very easy to do and lots of fun.
I have used a small potato, made a flower and a leaf stamp using a pointed knife, oviously kiddo was not allowed in this step.

Later on we had lots of fun. we put diffferent colors on our new stamps and made two sweet cards.
One card is for his grand mom (my mother) as her birthday is fast approaching.

And second one is for his teacher...for wishing her a happy new year.

I added some stems, he helped in putting glitter and pearls for the centre of flowers.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process, only difficulty was he wanted to do more and more and was not ready to stop stamping..!!! I guess, its in the genes...:-)
On a personal note, these small arts and craft activities are great ways to bond with your kid and develop the creativity in young minds. Personally I feel it is far far better than mobiles, video games and other gadgets...!!

PS: Don't ask me why leaves are coming in from all directions...!!!!

Do drop your comments, I would love to hear....



  1. Hey Prachi - this is a wonderful activity to do with your child. When my son started school, we were asked to wrap his books in some wrapping paper. I didn't have any so we took brown paper, I made this potato stamp and little Dhruvy stamped all over the sheet. It didn't look that great in the end but now whenever he sees his books he remembers our little activity.
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

  2. Thanks Sunehra,
    With kids around, every memory is a treasure in itself...!!

  3. Lovely cards Prachi and your little champ is so cute..
    His grandma and his teacher will definitely love it.. :)

  4. Oh this is awesome that you craft with your little one.And a boy too!!

  5. what a great stamps you have made! I absolutely love the leaves. great job!