Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's day card - 2

Here comes 2 more cards created for special fathers in our life ( dear Nanaji and Dadaji).. :-)

Lil champ wanted one card with airplane, one with train and one with car.
He also wanted to create a fourth one...for himself...!!!
When I told him that it is for Father's day, he replied, "main bi to father hoon...tortoise ka....!!!"
**tortoise is his favourite soft toy**

So here are the cards we created,

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Father's Day Cards - 1

Hello Crafters,

This is the first card from my dear little boy for his father.
This is the first time when Lil champ can properly wish DH, so I thought of taking this oportunity to create  cards with some help (read "interference") of Lil Champ. :-)

Here comes the first one, others will follow soon...
The card shows am airplane carrying sentiment "flying high". Inside of the card says..." Dear Papa, with you by my side, I 'll always be flying high"

PS: Sorry for poor picture quality, it has been taken from my mobile phone.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exclusive range of Footwears....for Dolls....!!!

Sunehra's Doll House brought back lots of childhood memories.

With those memories, came the thoughts of craft and art work we used to do as kids. This Footwear shoe rack is one of those projects which I created along with my elder cousin sis during my school days...!!!

And Thanks a ton to my Mom who has still kept it in such a good condition.
I asked her yesterday, it was safely stored in the cupboard.
Only thing I had to do was some dusting and take the pictures....Love you mom...!!

Please take a look and tell me how is it....Oh yes, these small sandals are made up of icecream spoons (the small wooden ones), ribbons, laces and lots of glue.

 Some Closer views..

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paper Beaded Jewellery

Hello Friends...

After a long absence and no crafting for almost a month, I am back with this paper beaded jewelley.

I have created paper beads from old desktop calender pages and made a set of ear rings, multi-strand bracelet and a delicate neck piece....

I really struggled a lot to take the pictures and transfer them to computer..
This is the best I was able to get  from my mobile phone.

 Ear rings and Bracelet

 Neck Piece

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

CAS card - Hello

A very quick card...created in the morning with my kiddo...
He was putting the glue and I was sticking the silver leaves...!! :-)

Supplies used:
Brown CS
Golden CS
Thin aluminium foil (for leaves)
Sentiment is computer generated.

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Fun with water colors

Here is a quick post on fun with water colors, me and my kiddo had last sunday...!!!

Well, I was not able to find time to finish the projects, so displaying them as it is... :-(

This is spray painting we did with an old toothbrush:
(If you are not able to make out, they are supposed to be flowers...) ;-)

Some blow art...

And finally, thread painting.
I personally used to like this a lot as a child and had made lots of cards using this technique. It is fun to do and gives beautiful results...take a look

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Anniversary Card - Paper roses

Here is a card for my friend's wedding anniversary.
Though this is delayed by a week...I hope she will not mind... :-)

Roses are completely handmade, Thanks to Helen, she has a lovely tutorial of paper roses and they are simply awesome.
I wanted to try them since long, finally got the opportunity...!!

Color combination is in line with Itsy Bitsy logocolor challenge.
I was quite satisfied with the final outcome.

Supplies used:
Blue CS
Green Poster Color
Handmade paper roses
Green Glitter sheet (for leaves)
Pattern paper

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paper Beads Earrings

Here is my take on Itsy  Bitsy logo color challenge.

Now a days I am in love with paper beads.
First thing I look in any paper is possibility to create beads....And I have found that those small advertisement pamphlets are best for them- colorful, shiny and robust.

So here are the earrings created from green and blue paper beads.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

CAS Card - Holiday

Hello Friends,

A very quick post on a CAS card based on the theme of catchy challenges.
My keyword is Holiday and here is the outcome...

PS: It looks more like "Bon Voyage" card to me...!!! :-)

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paper Beaded Jewellery

Hello Friends,

My latest experiment....with paper beads..!!!
I was planning to do this since long, in fact, had created and stored some of the paper beads since may be......4 months now !!
Now equipped with proper tools and right material here is my first creation- An ivory white bracelet with matching earrings...

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Thanks for taking a look,

Monday, March 25, 2013

Handmade Jewellery

Hello Friends,

This is some very old work that has been done during my college days (basically by my mom).
Courses of jewellery making were in full bloom at our place during those days and my mother's classes were full of girls asking for learning new designs everyday.

So here, I am sharing some typical neck pieces. Picture quality is not very good as I have used my mobile phone camera.

Design 1:

Design 2:

A closer look-

Design 3:

 Closer view -

During my recent visit to home, I have brought all that jewellery making stuff from my mother's trash. Now I am just hoping to find some peaceful time to create something worth.

Thanks for stopping by....!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The party time Fun - Invitations

No party is complete without the invitation cards. Along with party caps me n my sis created some birthday invites also.
So here are the pics, we created some 8 cards with chart papers, birthday stickers, washi tapes and glitter pens.

My dear DH also contributed by writing the details of party, as I was trying to engage the birthday boy in something else (he wanted to write everything himself..!!))

I was delighted to see the end result of this teamwork and we went ahead to invite all the friends.
Later on when one of friend asked about the date....we were shocked to see that we forgot to mention the date on card...!!!

It was a hillarious moment and we went back to every one's house to specify the date of clelebration... :))

Its party time - Chocolate box

And here is the final creation for party time- a jungle theme decorated box for chocolates.

No birthday is complete without going to the school in a new colorful dress and distributiong chocolates to friends and teachers. It feels like the most special person in the whole universe... (well atleast i used to feel like this..:-))

So we are trying our best to make little champ's day special.
I decorated the box for him based on a jungle theme.

An old box has been used as base and coloured chart paper, cut outs from a Winnie the Poo packing paper, some glitter and lots of stickers did all the wonder. Grasss is created by cutting a old magazene's green page.



other details:

Learning: We used same thick chart paper to cover the inner box, which slightly increased its size, hence it opening and closing was not as smooth as before. We must have used some normal colored paper or packing paper for this...!!!

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Its the Party TIme - Party Caps

Hello Friends,

Its the party  time in my home....
and I will say my favorite party time of the year, as it was my little darling's 3rd birthday on 8th mar'13.

So to add some more colors and sparkle this time, myself and younger sis created some party stuff at home...

here is the first item- Party Caps

We created some cool pink caps with plain chart paper, glitter paper, handmade papers, stickers, rhinestones, and strips of crepe paper.

Second one was invitation cards, which I will post soon...

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quilled Earrings

Hello Friends,

Here is my take on quilled earrings...
Wanted to do this since long...finally managed to create two unique pieces

and one disaster...

Later on, in my attempt to modify the looks of this pair, I damaged the pair...!!! :-(
Learning (for myself): Don't over do anything. Take a call and stop and accept your creation as it is.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finger Puppets for those cute tiny hands...

Hello Friends,

This was a very random and unplanned kind of project,

In a fraction of second I asked Little one to join me to make finger puppets.
Did a very random google search and found some interesting stuff (link).
Though I found most of the people using felt, I used chart paper (It was lying in my trash)
And here is our attempt-

Finger Puppets

Back Side

Me and Kiddo playing with Puppets

I loved them all, very quick to create and fun to play with.

Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Card- Quilled Monograms

Hello Friends,

I have been really occupied with many things both at work and home. Hence was not able to spend quality time in crafting.
However I created this card for my friend whose birthday was on 12th feb'13. This a result of night shift work (12am to 1 am) for 4-5 days...!!
I tried some honey comb quilling and quilled monograms for the first time. Initially I took long time to create monograms, but once I learned the technique, it was faster.

Initially my idea was to frame it and gift it as a desktop item, but due to lack of time I converted it into a card.

Here are a some quick snapshots-

Birth Day Card

Quilled Birthday
Quilled Flower

Card's Inner View

And my handmade photoframe also got a home as I gifted it to my other very good friend. Both of them were very delighted to receive these gifts from me, which made my efforts worth....!!

And now, I am waiting to hear all your comments...