Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wedding gifts packing

One of the many rituals of the wedding functions, one ceremony involves gifting clothes to the groom and his immediate family.
Now since it is a indian and tgat too a punjabi wedding...the clothea have to be packed in a fancy manner.. :-)

And if you have some crafty fingers at home., then there is nothing to stop you.
It was sister's idea and I just followed the suit with different colors and embellishments. Boxes are made from scratch using cardboard base and thermocol sides.
Base is covered with silver/golden glazed paper sheets and sides are painted using fevicryl fabric colours. Then the boxes are decorated with laces and embellishments.
After putting the cloths inside, we packed them with transparent plastic covers sheets.

This is what we did till 5 in the morning...!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY Rakhi - tutorial

Hello friends,

With one of the main festivals approaching next month i.e. Rakshabandhan, I was keen to share the method to make beautiful handmade rakhis.

It is super easy and an altogether different feeling to tie a hand made rakhi on your brother's wrist...which he is going to flaunt for quiet sometime...:-)

We, at our home have been making rakhis long as I remember...

Material Required:
- Satin thread (kacha resham)
- Glue
- Ribbons
- Laces
- Embellishments (lots of)

Here is the picture depicting procedure to create base of resham:

1. Wind the thread over a small bangle or between your fore fingers to create base of desired size.
2. Tie it tightly from the middle (as shown in picture 1). After tying, cute the side loops and remove the bangle. 
3. Turn it around from the cut-sides to give it a round shape and cover the knot in the middle (I guess, picture 3 shows it better than words)
4. Use an old toothbrush to smooth the resham threads, the task will be mush faster and efficient if you are using kachha resham (highly recommended)
5. After brushing, trim it from the sides to give a perfect round shape.
6. Last step is to pressed in a huge book to take the proper shape. We used to keep them overnight.

Later on, use variety of embellishments and decorate the resham bases with different designs, let your creativity do the magic...!!

Stick on the ribbon/thread on the back. Remember to stick a small piece of paper on the back side over the ribbon/thread to secure it firmly to the base.

Here are the pictures of final creations-

ETA: Sharing this on Artsy Crafts July 2014 Rakhi special challenge

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stone painting

Our recent trip to lonavala filled our baskets with some more memories, lots of beautiful pictures, and a few stones.
Yes stones..!!
When we were going to bushy dam, i observed plenty of round shaped stones lying there in abundance...looking at them i remembered the idea of stone painting.
So as we used to do in our childhood days...i called the kiddo..and both of us were busy collecting the perfect shape n sized stones.
After coming back on saturday eve..we did this on sunday afternoon..
Stones washed, dried, coated with pearl colors, and worked upon with fevicryl 3d outliner.
Simple stones converted to beautiful paper weights.

And this last one with sun and smileys (partially done by little one) went to his teacher as a gift on first day of new session :-)