Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Krishna Mukut

This year, the kiddo's teacher has asked to dress him up a Little Krishna for Janmashtami celebration at school.
As soon as I read the notice in his diary, I decided to make a mukut at home. I also did a simple decoration of flute which was lying unused in his toys basket.

Material used:

-White card stock (thicker is better, I used the paper from a new-shirt packing)
-Handmade Paper (Golden color)
-Handmade paper (Red color - used from an old wedding card)
-old newspaper
-A pair of Scissor
-A peacock feather


1. Hand draw the pattern on a news paper, took the measurement of his head (it should cover his forehead) and cut the pattern.
2. Using this pattern, draw the outline for mukut base on card stock & golden paper. Cut & paste golden paper over card stock.
3. Cut various patterns with red paper and paste on the golden one.
4. Use embellishments to crate beautiful designs of mukut.
5. Make two small holes at the ends & tie and elastic/ribbon.
6. Last & Most important, cut a peacock feather from its stem, and paste it firmly on the back of the mukut. I also trimmed it slightly to create an even look.

Here is the final outcome, tell me how is it?

                                                                  DIY Krishna Mukut

Decorated Flute

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