Thursday, January 24, 2013

Card for a baby girl..!!!

Hello Everybody,

A very quick post. I (and my kiddo) created this simple card for one of our friends who are blessed with a baby girl.
The card is all pinky pink...!!
I have used white card stock, pink hand made paper, stamped border, silver and pink ribbon and butterfly stickers.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photoframe with flowers, hearts and lots of LOVE..!!

Hello Friends,

For the very first time I have created a photo frame...yes a complete photo frame right from scratch.
This is a completely recycled project. I have used old desktop calender base, red and golden handmade paper (from some old wedding card) and lots of creativity.

So here is the final outcome. I was quiet satisfied with the result....!!
Initially I tried quilled flowers, spiral roses..but nothing looked better than these fringed flowers along with golden spirals...!!
Intricate golden design is all hand cut.

A closer looks..

With flowers and hearts, the theme of this photo frame is "Love", and keeping this in mind I have placed this picture of my wedding...which was indeed a very beautiful new beginning of my new role(s)..!!

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PS: Special thanks to Dr.Sonia for making it simple for me with so many lovely tutorials on her blog !!
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday card

This is simple card, I created for my mom's birthday.
All flowers and leaves are handcut.
A white CS has been used as base.
A ribbon border is used and most amazing part is the effect on border.
Can you make out how I created that..??

Well it was a long forgotten childhood activity,
I simply put the CS on a comb and rubbed my son's crayon to get the effect of that impression. Interesting na..!!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday - Paper collage sunflower

Well for us, January is indeed a month of birthdays..!!

So here comes my next kid friendly craft, a  paper collage sunflower.
We started as a team (me and my kid).
He got bored after sometime time and was more interested in tearing the pieces of paper.
Now I am more worried about his future text books :-(

Anyways, I was satisfied with the final outcome and here is the picture for you.
We are going to send this card to my sis, who is favorite masi of little champ..!!

This is a recycling project, as i have used old magazine pages for collage..

I am also trying my luck to win some nice gifts...!! The chance to win is there on Sindhu's blog, she has a lovely mini giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging. Congrats Sindhu !!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Card - Potato stamps !!

Well these cards are very very special for me.
Reason: This is the first project me and my little champ have done together :-)

So here it goes, this a simple kids craft, very easy to do and lots of fun.
I have used a small potato, made a flower and a leaf stamp using a pointed knife, oviously kiddo was not allowed in this step.

Later on we had lots of fun. we put diffferent colors on our new stamps and made two sweet cards.
One card is for his grand mom (my mother) as her birthday is fast approaching.

And second one is for his teacher...for wishing her a happy new year.

I added some stems, he helped in putting glitter and pearls for the centre of flowers.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process, only difficulty was he wanted to do more and more and was not ready to stop stamping..!!! I guess, its in the genes...:-)
On a personal note, these small arts and craft activities are great ways to bond with your kid and develop the creativity in young minds. Personally I feel it is far far better than mobiles, video games and other gadgets...!!

PS: Don't ask me why leaves are coming in from all directions...!!!!

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