Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Birthday - Paper collage sunflower

Well for us, January is indeed a month of birthdays..!!

So here comes my next kid friendly craft, a  paper collage sunflower.
We started as a team (me and my kid).
He got bored after sometime time and was more interested in tearing the pieces of paper.
Now I am more worried about his future text books :-(

Anyways, I was satisfied with the final outcome and here is the picture for you.
We are going to send this card to my sis, who is favorite masi of little champ..!!

This is a recycling project, as i have used old magazine pages for collage..

I am also trying my luck to win some nice gifts...!! The chance to win is there on Sindhu's blog, she has a lovely mini giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging. Congrats Sindhu !!

Do drop your comments...I would love to hear...



  1. Love your recycling and the outcome is fabulous.. :)

  2. Hey Prachi this is great! Looks like a mosaic! It's real nice that you keep crafting with your son... its a wonderful hobby to pass on
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn