Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's day card - 2

Here comes 2 more cards created for special fathers in our life ( dear Nanaji and Dadaji).. :-)

Lil champ wanted one card with airplane, one with train and one with car.
He also wanted to create a fourth one...for himself...!!!
When I told him that it is for Father's day, he replied, "main bi to father hoon...tortoise ka....!!!"
**tortoise is his favourite soft toy**

So here are the cards we created,

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Father's Day Cards - 1

Hello Crafters,

This is the first card from my dear little boy for his father.
This is the first time when Lil champ can properly wish DH, so I thought of taking this oportunity to create  cards with some help (read "interference") of Lil Champ. :-)

Here comes the first one, others will follow soon...
The card shows am airplane carrying sentiment "flying high". Inside of the card says..." Dear Papa, with you by my side, I 'll always be flying high"

PS: Sorry for poor picture quality, it has been taken from my mobile phone.

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