Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Handmade Photo Frames

Now, this is first timer for me…not the photo frame. But doing craft exchange with fellow bloggers. It was a wonderful experience where I created these two recycled frames with paper roses, and got lovely handmade gifts in return. :-)
This time I tried two different designs. First one, by slightly modifying the calendar, whereas in other one I have used the desktop calendar as it is, advantage being - the frame is self supported. There is no need to attach the extra support from behind. For paper roses, Helen has this lovely tutorial on her blog.

Materials Used: Old Desktop calendar, Handmade papers, pattern paper, OHP sheets, double-sided tape, Craft paper (for roses), Glue, craft scissors & embellishments.
Take a look at the final product: 

1st Frame:
Closer look of Roses
2nd Frame:

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Friday, December 19, 2014

X-mas card :-)

One more card created with the little one...who wanted it for his friend.. :-)

I have so many ideas in my head but when I sit to craft..i manage to come up with only simple cards for children...!!

Supplies used:

Card stock - pink and purrple
Hand cut leaves and berries
Pattern paper
Glitter paper (for Xmas trees)

LOTS of patience (with two naughty kids)


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paper fringed Christmas Tree

Yet another simple and child friendly Christmas card. We (me and my 4.5 year old little one) created it within 30 minutes. J

I have used green colored old magazine paper for fringed Christmas tree, a card stock, quilling strips for that framed look, rhinestones, some glitter and few stickers.

He is going to present this to his teacher before vacations start…!!

PS: The photos are clicked in a hurry...and I haven't even edited them before uploading...please bear with it...!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pistachio shell craft

I feel that this blog is transformed into something associated with only children's craft... :-)

Here is another simple card for lil one's friend. We pasted pistachio shells on the base of handmade paper and colored them using sketchpens.

A quick and easy one to do with your 4-5 year old..

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Christmas Card with Ribbon work

I know its not Christmas time yet, but still I am sharing this X-mas card I tried with Ribbon loop work...

Its a simple card created in less than 30 minutes. Hand-cut some patterns for gifts and stars, made green satin ribbon loops, used some glittery balls and ta daa...

PS: The card was lying around since quiet sometime, by the time I managed to click the pic, some glittery balls got removed...!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Mask for Kids

Here is some fun activity to do with your kids.
One fine day, we were going around some place, when kiddo asked for face mask from a small street shop. Looking at them I got an idea to try it at home. 

I took some simple images of animal faces from google and created these cute little masks...

1. Hand draw the pattern on a sheet of card stock/drawing sheet.
2. Cut out the holes for eyes (for looking) and wing design of butterfly.
3. Stick some other color papers, glitters, rhinestones to add the zing.
4. Create butterfly's antenna/cat's moustaches by pipe cleaners.
5. punch two holes at either sides, tie a ribbon or elastic to fasten the mask.  

Base design for butterfly mask

Finished Butterfly Mask

Cat Mask

Note: I used drawing sheets, for more robust masks felt sheets can be used. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Krishna Mukut

This year, the kiddo's teacher has asked to dress him up a Little Krishna for Janmashtami celebration at school.
As soon as I read the notice in his diary, I decided to make a mukut at home. I also did a simple decoration of flute which was lying unused in his toys basket.

Material used:

-White card stock (thicker is better, I used the paper from a new-shirt packing)
-Handmade Paper (Golden color)
-Handmade paper (Red color - used from an old wedding card)
-old newspaper
-A pair of Scissor
-A peacock feather


1. Hand draw the pattern on a news paper, took the measurement of his head (it should cover his forehead) and cut the pattern.
2. Using this pattern, draw the outline for mukut base on card stock & golden paper. Cut & paste golden paper over card stock.
3. Cut various patterns with red paper and paste on the golden one.
4. Use embellishments to crate beautiful designs of mukut.
5. Make two small holes at the ends & tie and elastic/ribbon.
6. Last & Most important, cut a peacock feather from its stem, and paste it firmly on the back of the mukut. I also trimmed it slightly to create an even look.

Here is the final outcome, tell me how is it?

                                                                  DIY Krishna Mukut

Decorated Flute