Monday, October 15, 2012

My little one's creations

This is the first creation that came home after a month of my little one's joining school.
This was for the grandparents, wishing them A very Happy Grandparents Day..!!!
I ususally leave no stones unturned in capturing the memories associated with my little angel, so I asked DH to take a photograph of the lovely Paper flower and here it is....

I found this the cutest flower I have ever seen....!!!

PS: I know most of this is done by his teacher, as he is too young to even fold a paper correctly. But still this is his first one..!!! :-)


Travelling with Toddlers and below

Dear All,
I thought of sharing my learnings from travelling with a toddler (now) during last 2.5 years.
Well I have lots of experience of travelling with my son who is now 2.5 years old.
This includes numerous trips to hometown (min 15hrs by train) , Mumbai - Vishakhapatnam (1. 5hrs flight via Hyderabad), Mumbai - Sikkim (2hrs flight to Ranchi via Delhi; overnight train to jalpaiguri) and a road trip to Goa from Mumbai.
Most of the trips during his first year were to my home town, we took the chance and quenched our thirst of travel during his second year with Vizag when he was 1yr 4mnths, Goa when he was 1 year 6 months and Sikkim when he was 1yr and 9mnths old.
So here is the list of must haves when you are travelling with a baby of age 1-3 years:
1.       Induction hot plate This will be really helpful bcoz once you reach your destination, you can cook homemade food for your baby.
2.       Proper utensils and cleaning stuff for utensils. [Harsh but true, once you have a baby your routine remains same with lots of cleaning, cooking etc, no matter if you are on a holiday....!!!

3.       Lots of stuff to eat (biscuits, chocolates, fresh cakes, popcorn, dry fruits, fresh fruits like banana, bread butter jam sandwiches.....). These items are just fillers and things like idli, paranthas, puris, rice must also be kept. Though not fresh it will be 100times better than outside food.
4.       Hot water, Milk powder and sugar (with disposable glass and spoon) - I prefer this since there is no guarantee of milk even if it is stored in an airtight thermos. This is in case of emergency, no doubt that you must use fresh milk whenever available.
5.       Cerelac and other baby food is also a good option, however I personally never used it and always have given homemade fresh food to my little one.
6.       Lots of diapers
7.       Baby Wipes
8.       Hand Sanitizer (for yourself)
9.       Medicines (for fever, cough, cold, vomit, antiseptic, band-aid etc)
10.   Pot: Since my little one is potty trained, I have to carry this every time when the trip is longer than 1 day :-)
11.   Old newspapers and polythene bags: They are of great help in waste management.
12.   And last but not the least, some of favorite toys for your little one.
I know that this list is never ending. so join me and add your must haves while travelling with your little Sweet Hearts !!!