Friday, June 13, 2014

Ghadoli decoration

"No event in our home can be over without any crafty thing done"
These were the words of bride-to-be, that is my youngest sis. So we rolled up our sleeves and started the work.
The wedding took place last month..because of overload of work..I couldn't click many pics of the work we did. Here is the one activity we did earlier as well.
As a tradition of ghadoli in our community, the sis in law carries a small pot on her head, fills it with water from the nearest temple and bride uses this water to bath after haldi ceremony. The whole lot of ladies and kids march on the way to temple, dancing to the beats of punjabi dhol.
So sharing the pic of a simple steel matki decorated with maroon velvet cloth, laces, and embellishment.

Me and the little one did the task. He was either putting glue on pot or on his fingers...and was helping me with selecting the embellishments and laces.. :-)

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