Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exclusive range of Footwears....for Dolls....!!!

Sunehra's Doll House brought back lots of childhood memories.

With those memories, came the thoughts of craft and art work we used to do as kids. This Footwear shoe rack is one of those projects which I created along with my elder cousin sis during my school days...!!!

And Thanks a ton to my Mom who has still kept it in such a good condition.
I asked her yesterday, it was safely stored in the cupboard.
Only thing I had to do was some dusting and take the pictures....Love you mom...!!

Please take a look and tell me how is it....Oh yes, these small sandals are made up of icecream spoons (the small wooden ones), ribbons, laces and lots of glue.

 Some Closer views..

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. this is so nice Prachi!! Moms are great as they treasure all that their children create!!

  2. wow absolutely adorable and grt idea