Sunday, April 28, 2013

CAS card - Hello

A very quick card...created in the morning with my kiddo...
He was putting the glue and I was sticking the silver leaves...!! :-)

Supplies used:
Brown CS
Golden CS
Thin aluminium foil (for leaves)
Sentiment is computer generated.

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Fun with water colors

Here is a quick post on fun with water colors, me and my kiddo had last sunday...!!!

Well, I was not able to find time to finish the projects, so displaying them as it is... :-(

This is spray painting we did with an old toothbrush:
(If you are not able to make out, they are supposed to be flowers...) ;-)

Some blow art...

And finally, thread painting.
I personally used to like this a lot as a child and had made lots of cards using this technique. It is fun to do and gives beautiful results...take a look

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Anniversary Card - Paper roses

Here is a card for my friend's wedding anniversary.
Though this is delayed by a week...I hope she will not mind... :-)

Roses are completely handmade, Thanks to Helen, she has a lovely tutorial of paper roses and they are simply awesome.
I wanted to try them since long, finally got the opportunity...!!

Color combination is in line with Itsy Bitsy logocolor challenge.
I was quite satisfied with the final outcome.

Supplies used:
Blue CS
Green Poster Color
Handmade paper roses
Green Glitter sheet (for leaves)
Pattern paper

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paper Beads Earrings

Here is my take on Itsy  Bitsy logo color challenge.

Now a days I am in love with paper beads.
First thing I look in any paper is possibility to create beads....And I have found that those small advertisement pamphlets are best for them- colorful, shiny and robust.

So here are the earrings created from green and blue paper beads.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

CAS Card - Holiday

Hello Friends,

A very quick post on a CAS card based on the theme of catchy challenges.
My keyword is Holiday and here is the outcome...

PS: It looks more like "Bon Voyage" card to me...!!! :-)

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paper Beaded Jewellery

Hello Friends,

My latest experiment....with paper beads..!!!
I was planning to do this since long, in fact, had created and stored some of the paper beads since may be......4 months now !!
Now equipped with proper tools and right material here is my first creation- An ivory white bracelet with matching earrings...

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